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Looking for the perfect video to add to your website or upload to youtube? we have the solution with our cheap pre-made video templates, get your video online for just $20 bucks...

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Here's Your Chance to Grab a Cheap Animated or Whiteboard Video Explainer to Spice up Your Website & Engage Your Visitors...

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If your not using videos on your website then your simply out of touch with the way people like to view websites today, video is growing faster tha any other industry online and your site visitors will want to see your products or services through a video when they arrive at your website.

Creating & buying videos for your websites used to be a really expensive business & still can be if you purchase from the wrong people, here at USoftLabs we can offer you the cheapest videos produced the same day and delivered to your inbox for just $20 bucks a video.

USoftLabs is part of the VideoSWIPER network so we have tons of experience in video marketing & how to make great looking videos for our clients at prices anyone can afford, you can even contact us about having a unique custom made video produced where we still use slides from our templates collection but you get to cutomize the complete proccess from the first to last slide used.

Here's What You'll be Getting in Your $20.00 Package...

Same Day Service Also Available...

No matter what type of video your looking for you should find one of our pre-made templates will fit your idea's & concepts perfectly, you could be looking for a video for selling your products, maybe a service you have online or even your affiliate products too or just an entry video for your website visitors when they arrive at your website. We can provide these videos super fast with a same day turnaround in most cases as long as there are no revisions needed.

Drive Traffic From Youtube...

Many of our clients are successfully using youtube to leverage the power of their websites by using the videos they order from us to upload to youtube to drive traffic back to their main money sites, by simply adding the video to youtube and dropping in your money site links into the description you can easily gain hoards of new visitors to your websites through watching your uploaded videos.

Animated Explainers & Whiteboard Videos...

Animated video explainers are those funky cartoon style videos you see all over the internet now. Are you a new startup or a company wanting to capture your audience's attention in less than 2 minutes with an explainer animation video? Animated videos and whiteboard videos are the perfect way to showcase your busines, product or service. If you’re looking to create an explainer video that tells your company's story and gets your customers to take action, then we're you're man. Increase sales, conversions and traffic with an HD animation explainer or whiteboard video that tells a story to your clients, customers and web visitors.

If you're looking to impress your clients or customers then you should be using videos on your websites, in fact you should be using animated video explainers or even whiteboard videos to do this task, video plays a huge role in the layout and presentation of a website these days.

Most webmasters are now utilizing videos on their sites for one thing or another, whether it be a presentation, a site welcome message, a sales pitch or some call to action video, all the same these videos work best when using animated video explainers because we all relate to characters in these videos because of our youth when watching cartoons as a child.

This is why animated video explainer videos and whiteboard videos are so popular now and do most of the selling or promoting for you, these videos tend in general to convert your average visitor into a paying customer or client and this in many cases happens on their first visit to your website as long as your using a good video to showcase your website.

More people get engaged with the presence of an animated video explainer on your website than they would if you had a simple page full of text with no media for the visitor to watch and providing these videos is pretty much a simple process now with animated video explainers and whiteboard video being very cheap to produce for the customer.

Here at USoftLabs we provide the service of supplying video templates to clients which are scripted and the client simply needs to watch the video template they are purchasing and change the text and images in the script so the video can be produced, this whole process is extremely simple.

We offer a wide selection of animated video explainer templates for you to choose from when you visit our website, these video templates are easy to understand and come complete with something called slides so you can edit the videos per slide making it very easy to get your video done.

Although video templates are used your video will still be unique to you as you will have changed all the text and images within the video script so the end product is tailored to your script, service, product or website.

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What Our Clients Think!

I spent my $20 knowing I was going to get the video I wanted because you can fully preview all their videos before purchasing, I was more than happy with both the service and the end results, delivery was super fast & communication via skype & email was second to none.

Breon Schmidt

I made my purchase on the monday & ordered same day delivery, in the afternoon the video was ready and delivered to me all within just 5 hours, if you don't have a good knowledge of writing your own script to replace the template text they will help you with that too.

Alex Bremiss

$20 is really cheap to get your own video online, I buy these videos to upload to youtube to monetize my websites and I have purchased over 12 of these videos from these guys now and delivery has always been swift with good customer support, the templates are what they are so it's what you see is what you get.

Samantha Long

Bottom line, would i recommend it? Yes, great for start up's and those with many sites. Everyone should be using video on their websites as its common practice now to have at least one & at these prices anyone can afford to get a video online.

Dave Linchford