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    WE Have a great Strategy
    Only the best web traffic will do for our clients
    Are you seeking targeted traffic or adult traffic for your websites, maybe even alexa ranking traffic
    we can offer you many different traffic packages for your websites and blogs at heavily discounted prices.
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    We are a skilled team
    Our team are here to help you every step of the way
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    WE know Traffic
    Providing traffic is what we do best
    Here at USoftLabs we have been providing quality traffic for some years now and are proud to have
    served so many great clients with some amazing websites and blogs.

Welcome to USoftLabs - Cheap Website Traffic

We provide only the very best traffic online.

If your looking for web traffic then you have come to the right place, we have been in the traffic industry for over 5 years now and have been providing 1000's of clients with top quality traffic for their websites and blogs. We have recently moved all our traffic services from the likes of to this dedicated website where we can look after our clients on a one to one basis.


20 Million Visitors Daily

Our network of expired domains and mis-spelled keywords database has reached a staggering 20 million visitors daily.

60 Million Impressions Daily

We are now serving over 60 million targeted impressions & this is growing all the time as our network and client base grows.

100% Human Traffic NO Bots

All our traffic comes from real visitors, our traffic is mainly made up of redirected traffic from expired domain names.

Your Own Stats Panel

We don't hide anything, once you place an order you get your own login to our stats panel but you can also track your visitors using Google.

Targeted Expired Domain Traffic

Expired domain traffic is where a domain has not yet been deleted but is expired and traffic is redirected from this domain into our network.

Sky Rocket Your Rankings

Obviously we cannot guarantee higher search engine rankings or alexa ranking for that matter but buying traffic will in most cases help.

All Our Website Traffic Packages

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We operate an online network of over 10,000 websites & applications that attract millions of users every day. We can send millions of quality, targeted visitors to your website quickly and affordably. With our prices starting from just just $0.00015 per unique visitor, our traffic service represents excellent value for money. Can you afford not to advertise your business with us? We have helped thousand of website owners like you get the traffic they need to their website. Many of our customers purchase traffic from us every month. So are you ready to boost your website traffic and take your business to the next level? Start your traffic campaign today and get thousands of new visitors & customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • Caroline Harding

    ecommerce webmaster

    I bought into traffic not knowing what to expect as i had never purchased paid traffic before, I was suprized to find i did get a few sales out out it and it certainly improved my ranking after just a couple of months.

  • Besim Dauti

    Project Manager

    I look after several accounts as a project manager and am asked on a frequent basis about getting traffic, we used usoftlabs for our traffic needs on 3 occassions an found the whole experience great.

  • Quan Ngyen

    Webmaster & developer

    Thank you for a great service, you provided me with the traffic i ordered and i was able to track this using my google analytics account. My account did freeze up near the end but usoftlabs gave me extra traffic.

Cheap Website Traffic

The only way your business site will get off the ground or anywhere is if you develop cheap website traffic to it. But if you look around, you find a lot of Internet marketers and webmasters still clueless about cheap website traffic generation. We have no idea what your problem is if you have trouble with it, so just know that the right information is needed plus determination. Figuring out your puzzle can become a lot easier if you stay determined to find out what is going wrong. Today we will start off by showing you how to use different approaches to send excellent cheap website traffic to your business.

You do not need to have a blog if you have a static site, but you should think about making a companion blog. If you have been struggling with SEO for your website, then the blog can possibly turn that around. The love affair between Google and blogs is not over, and hence this particular strategy that still works well. Creating and running a top flight blog is really not hard, so get away from that type of thinking. A lot of work to set up and get moving depending on how you approach it, but doing it simply is best.

Reddit and Digg are two social voting websites that have the potential to drive massive cheap website traffic to your site. If you have never done anything there, then you have to open an account, first, before doing anything. All you need to do is submit your link and wait for the votes. If you know people who have accounts there, then they can help you out with voting. So sure, it does take some effort to make it all work, and not many people are willing to make the effort.

Think seriously about what you can do to reach your audience in the offline world, and that will open up new possibilities. Do not think that this will not work for you because it has been proven, already. Not many people are jumping onto this when it comes to promoting their own business on the net. People who are a bit lazy will not like this approach to doing online business because you have to do different things.

There is a learning curve associated with driving quality cheap website traffic, but it is something you can learn to do. All you really need is the right information, and then you set out to make it successful. However, you should always keep in mind that there is nothing called instant cheap website traffic. Everybody had to take the right amount of time in order to create solid cheap website traffic to their site.