The fastest way to mass upload videos EVER using a unique video software that does all the heavy lifting for you...

Are you tired of manually uploading videos to your websites everyday? Not getting enough quality video content delivered to your video websites?

Video Submitter Software

So your a busy video webmaster looking for a video uploading solution that takes all the hard work out of manually uploading, our solutions can assist and help you reach that goal with powerful automated video submitters.

Multi-way Accounts System

Without doubt the best way to increase traffic & create hype around your websites is to make clever use of videoswiper's multiple sites & accounts features, add unlimited video websites & unlimited user accounts to our system.

Scheduled Organic Growth

You choose when your videos are submitted, setup nightly drip feeding automation services for naturual organic growth in the search engines while you sit back & watch your video websites grow at a rate you never thought possible

Our complex yet easy to use API's are custom built around your video scripts so you don't have
to code, create, develop or make anything to use our mass video uploaders with your website.

Videoswiper software boxes

VideoSWIPER The fully automated video submission software

Here is a quick overview of some of videoswiper's great funtionality. We truly believe we have the most powerful video grabber & video uploader online.

  • We have over 1.5 billion ready to use videos in our database
  • An additional 50 video search engines are included for full search
  • Mass upload 1000's of videos everyday without manual uploading
  • Bulk embed videos 1000's per hour using the multi-threaded system
  • Full youtube uploader, mass upload videos to your youtube channels
  • Meta editing tools allow you to change titles, descriptions & tags
  • Content spinning engine allows you to create unique valid content
  • Use the powerful widgets to swipe videos right into your account

Just a few of the most powerful features and functionalty this software has under the hood!

Video Grabber The only video submitter application you will ever need

We all need videos for our video websites but the problem faced by many video webmasters is time, we just don't have enough of it to be sitting at our PC's all day long manually uploading videos to our video websites. This issue is faced by so many video webmasters that a solution had to be found and that's why we built VideoSWIPER to fully automate the video webmasters downloading and uploading needs taking away the time required for manual uploading.

Join the fastest growing online video submission service today & start building your own huge video websites...

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