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Using a Video Submission Software Application

If you own or run your own video websites then you will know just how hard it is to get fresh new targeted videos to your websites on a daily basis, not only that but your probably sitting at your PC way to many hours per day trying to manually upload videos to your video websites to keep your content fresh.

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Its an up hill battle which many if not most small business owners face when running a video website from a pre-purchased script like clipbucket, phpvibe or phpfox, not only do you have to upload the videos but its even harder to get your visitors and members to be engaged in your site and for them to look further than just watching your videos and getting them to actually spend some time uploading videos instead.

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BUT! we have a solution to fix all that for you and its called VideoSWIPER, you may of heard of it as it’s been around now since way back in 2008 when it was first launched and has been the best friend to so many video webmasters ever since. VideoSWIPER is essentially an online video submission software designed to to take the manual labour out of submitting videos to your video websites by fully automating the process giving you much more free time to be doing the things you like while at the same time making sure your video websites are loading with awesome fresh new videos on a daily basis with you not having to lift a finger, sound good? Sure does and this video application supports a whole host of popular online scripts which you can see from the tabs at the top by using the supported scripts tab.

Why Automate My Video Submissions?

If you want to spend less time at your PC manually uploading videos then you need to be using a fully automated system which will upload videos for you, in fact you would need to spend no time at your PC at all when using this video application because its just about set and forget, talk about the fastest and easiest way to mass upload videos to your video script websites.

Video Submission Software That Really Works!

It’s no wonder that over 32,000 clients have been using the VideoSWIPER video application to mass upload videos to their video websites, straight forward clever development and coding has put together a powerful platform that can handle millions of video transfers daily plus a dedicated whiz team of technical staff on hand to help out with any issues or problems you may face with your server, sites or even our system, they are there to help get you up and running and get you submitting videos as the video application was intended.

Testimonials From Our Clients

I just joined videoswiper 3 months ago and planned on using the application for a month or so, however i have seen a huge jump in traffic and rankings since using videoswiper so decided to continue using it for for some time longer, i will monitor how things go but so far its looking great.

More, More, More thats all i can say, I love this video software, really this software delivers just what is says on the tin a whole heap of fresh new videos daily for my website and im using the automated system so i dont even have to login daily to do any tasks, I never give reviews normally even with an insentive but this software has to be the best video submission tool on the planet, Yes I would recommend you use this.

I was more than pleased when videoswiper helped me populate my clipbucket websites from a few hundred videos to over 10,000 in just two weeks, fantastic software. This is one of those applications you bump into when surfing the web then wish you had found it years ago when you were uploading videos by hand everyday.

First thing, it was easy to set up! And it works like magic. Actually it is magic. We were able to find the best and most relevant videos for each country in no time, from all platforms, and sent all to site with a push of a button. Really, I must thank you guys for being such genius and making our work seamless, and for making us look so good and competent to our audience. You are great! Thank you. We appreciate you for making a product that works well and meet all expectations without flaws. I have been using Video wiper for over 1+ year with no maintenance problems.

There are tons more great reviews for this video submission software on the VideoSWIPER website plus registration is FREE and you get a FREE trial too so you can road test the video application before jumping in feet first. If your running any kind of video website in any target or niche or your simply running a community website that has a video section to it then you must check out this video submitter software, so many scripts have an API now that you will be hard pushed not to find the script your looking for so you can use this system to mass upload videos to your websites. GO and get started today….

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